About Us

Rewild: Live Simply. Live Better.


What does it mean to rewild? People are rewilding the land by planting wildflowers and reintroducing species to places they once roamed. To rewild is to help the land get back to a natural state.

But we can also rewild ourselves. We can move forward in our lives by going backwards to a simpler time, where social media means movie night with friends,  where material goods are products we lovingly use and carry around until we can no longer patch them. We can reprioritize our lives, getting back to the things that matter: friends, family, good food, good tools, and good health. And suddenly we will find that we are no longer disconnected and alone.

We are not regressing if we decide to live sufficiently rather than excessively. We are perfecting life, distilling it down to the elements that we truly treasure and that make our lives joyous.

At Rewild Farms, we are obsessed with creating high quality, artisan, handcrafted products that elevate our life experience. We develop and search out goods that make your life easier and healthier and add a spirit of adventure, whether you’re cultivating, cooking, camping, hunting or exploring.  By visiting our online store or joining our seasonally driven, bi-monthly subscription service, you can gain access to products that aim to help your life evolve by making everything better, and simpler. 


Live Simply. Live Better.